Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency, cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for goods or services. Its operation is decentralized. Bitcoin is not regulated by banking institution or government of any country all over the world and it cannot be tampered. Transactions do not require intermediaries, money is transferred directly from buyer to seller.

All transactions in Bitcoin network are free, however, if you want to increase processing speed of transactions, you can pay a small percentage as commission.
Besides for operation of such network you do not need any mediators, information exchange is carried out between several software customers. All users of installed program-wallets are a part of Bitcoin network and work like a torrent. Neither tax service nor banks can control money exchange between wallets. Bitcoin is impossible to forge or spend twice.
Wallet holder can pay anywhere and to anyone, transactions cannot be controlled or denied.
In order to start operation, simply register Bitcoin wallet and you will not need to visit financial institutions or pass any verification process.
Information about translations is available to everyone, and payments cannot be canceled or frozen.
If you want to carry out monetary transactions, you do not need to specify personal information, you need only address of Bitcoin wallet and at the same time all information about transactions has shared access (how, when).
How to start using Bitcoin?
How to choose a wallet?
First you should choose Bitcoin wallet, funds can be stored online, on PC, Android or iPhone.
How to buy Bitcoin?
After choosing wallet you can buy Bitcoin (and other currency) on one of exchange markets via BTC trade.
How to use?
Nowadays more and more websites accept Bitcoin for purchase anything from clothing to cars or houses. Now you can also make a deposit in BTC to our casino and try your luck.